About us (ENG)

          Orchestra Sinfonietta Bratislava is a young, dynamic chamber grouping, whose members are prominent young slovak musicians, graduates of art colleges in Slovakia and abroad (Brno, Prague, Vienna, Graz, Paris, etc.), winners of many nationwide and international competitions. Currently the members of the orchestra are sought after chamber players in various chamber groupings, for example Prague chamber philharmonic orchestra (Pražská komorná filharmónia), Slovak chamber orchestra of Bohdan Warchal (Slovenský komorný orchester Bohdana Warchala), Quasars ensemble, Musica Minore or as the first players in symphonic orchestras – Slovak philharmonic orchestra (Slovenská filharmónia). Most players of Sinfonietta Bratislava have solo ambitions they regularly prove at individual solo recitals or as soloists of various chamber and symphonic orchestras on stages in Slovakia and abroad.

Chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Bratislava performs in classic chamber cast of 10-12 players, led by violinist Pavel Bogacz jr. According to requirements of the interpreted songs, the orchestra performs enhanced with section of woodwind or percussion instruments. In bigger vocal-instrumental pieces, the orchestra performed under the direction of conductors, such as Adrián Kokoš, Gabriel Rovňák jr., Pavol Procházka, Ján Procházka, Branko Ladič, Dr. Douglas Bakenhus (USA) and others.

Despite their still relatively short history on the art scene (Sinfonietta Bratislava was founded in 2008), the orchestra thrives to promote and perform regularly in various Slovak cities. The orchestra also performed in cooperation with many significant artists, for example Peter Baran (cello, concert master of Slovak philharmonic orchestra), Ján Slávik (cello, concert master of Slovak philharmonic orchestra), Martin Ruman (viol, leader of viol section of Slovak philharmonic orchestra, member of Sinfonietta Bratislava), Lucia Kopsová (violin, Prague chamber philharmonic orchestra), Juraj Tomka (violin), Dr. Dennette Derbis McDermott (flute, USA), Dr. Douglas Bakenhus (bassoon, USA), Martin Krajčo (guitar). The orchestra also performed in cooperation with singers – Eva Šušková, Zuzana Ballánová, Zuzana Szabo, Miriam Garajová, Angelika Zajícová-Jelšová, Gurgen Ovsepian, Ivan Ožvát, Juraj Hollý, Martin Gyimesi, Igor Strojin, Pavol Oravec, Roman Krško, Martin Mikuš, Miroslav Žbirka, and others…

Sinfonietta Bratislava

The repertoir of the orchestra includes musical pieces of all periods, from baroque through classicism, romanticism to music of 20th century and contemporary music.A separate chapter of the orchestra is regular introducing and presenting of Slovak music production in Slovakia (festival of new music Albrechtina) and abroad, namely pieces from Dušana Martinčeka, Igora Bázlika, Vitezoslava Kubičku a Juraja Hatríka, Pavla Procházku, Alexandra Albrechta, Jána Levoslava Bellu, Dezidera Kardoša, Vladimíra Godára, Štefana Németha-Šamorínského, Robert Volkmanna, and others…

Chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Bratislava recorded several times for Slovak Radio (Slovenský rozhlas) and television, they performed at programmes for commercial media in Slovakia (Slávik 2012, joint performance with singer Miroslav Žbirka, led by conductor Adrián Kokoš).

The concert master of the orchestra is violinist Pavel Bogacz jr., under whose leadership the orchestra performs. As an artistic director, he includes in the programmes especially interesting dramaturgical pieces, attractive to visitors of concerts, making the orchestra gaining large number of stable listeners and supporters.The orchestra is typified by the colourful, dynamic, stylish performance of songs and a great enthusiasm in the interpretation of musical works.